Thursday, May 26, 2011

Why Long Hair?

This essay on the subject explains probably better than any other document the reasons some choose to have long hair:

Indeed, the term ‘longhair’ is taken proudly by some men and women who have long hair as part of their identity.  I relate very much to what the article says about those who felt they should have long hair from early in childhood.  I was probably no more than seven years old when I first felt this way.  While it’s true that many parents will not allow their children to wear their hair the way they want to, my restrictions went past my graduation into adulthood due to being a member of a high control group that doesn’t permit its male members to wear their hair long.

My last short haircut was in January of 2004:

I had had longish hair before this cut but I faced a tumultuous time in my life that basically forced me to cut.  After that unfortunate delay, however, there has been no turning back.  My next posts will contain an overview of my journey since then.

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