Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hair Progress in 2008 (January - June)

Looking back in hindsight, the first six months of 2008 were the best I've ever enjoyed hairwise.  Its growth rate was still pretty good and it maintained its thickness pretty much to the ends.  The latter half of 2008 would bring an unpleasant change with regard to my hair but we'll get to that later. 

The year got off to a great start in January as I received another visit from my longhaired friend who put more styles into my hair:

A halfup rope braid:

and another interesting halfup braid:

In February I tried an experiment of putting Loreal's melting gel into all of my hair.  I had almost never used gel since getting out of the awkward stage but I was curious to see what effect it would have.  It made my hair more voluminous:

In March I practiced the rope braid that I had been taught the previous year:

In April and May I went to a number of different places to take photos.  I admit that I was enjoying my long hair very much!

My hair had reached a length in which it would stay behind my shoulders pretty well:

Then someone came into my life who made me very happy.  Can you tell?

The next entry will explain more about that.  :D

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