Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12, 2011: Results from Coconut Oil and a Trim

This post will commence what the main purpose of this blog is about: to see if I can restore my hair to its 2008 health while at least maintaining and hopefully increasing its length.  I now have been experimenting with coconut oil for almost four weeks.  I have done a couple of deep oilings while leaving it in my hair overnight and also have used smaller amounts on just the last six inches of my hair.  I also had my wife trim about an inch from the ends a few days ago.

Here is how my hair is looking today.  This is after a deep oiling on 6/9/2011 and washing/conditioning yesterday but with no further oiling:

I think it is looking better than it did last month.  The trim definitely helped and I think further trims may be in order as the last six inches still feels rough when I run my hand down the length.  I'm very interested in trying to attain greater length too so I will have to balance the two objectives.  The difference is that now I'm taking better care of my hair so as new hair grows in the healthier hair should push down to the ends.  Coconut oil is an amazing product.  It actually penetrates the hair shaft unlike jojoba oil which only coats it.  My hair reacts far better to the coconut and I think it's going to make a difference by protecting and nourishing it at greater lengths.


  1. I think it looks much better already. Not as dry on the ends. I'm glad you took a few inches off too. I hope you are successful with this and that it can maintain it's healthy look as it grows. I'm along for the ride! :) Chrissy

  2. Thank you Chrissy! Glad to have you along for the ride. :D