Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bringing Things Up-To-Date: 2011

2010 ended with me being unhappy with the feel of my hair.  The last six inches felt damaged and I was unsure how to proceed.  I remembered my dyeing it the temporary plum color in 2007 and how I liked the results then so I decided to try this again in January 2011:

I think the intense conditioning did make the ends feel better but it was really only a temporary fix.  By May, the ends again were not feeling healthy:

So, this ends the recounting of my hair history from 2004 to the present.  From this point forward, I will commence posting about my efforts to attain further length and improved health.  A very helpful discovery I made last month was coconut oil.  It's showing great promise in eliminating tangles and penetrating the hair shaft to improve the hair's health.  I also plan on trying Feye's self-trim method soon to give myself regular small trims.

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