Friday, January 11, 2013

Hair Update

I've been experimenting with Ojon oil. I really like it. I don't use it as often as coconut oil but it smells great and I like how it reacts to my hair.  These photos were taken after shampooing and then using NO conditioner but only Ojon oil applied to my damp hair. The one on the left is completely untouched hair. The one on the right is after I brushed it out:

 Another photo of my hair after brushing and the Ojon oil treatment:

 Front views:

 In other hair news, I've been trying braiding higher on my head partly just for variety but also to use during the hot weather as it keeps the hair away from my neck:

I should document a small trim I received back in November.  It was only of about a half inch:

On the workout front, I hurt my left knee cross-country skiing about 2 weeks ago.  I tried cycling once but it seemed to hurt if further.  I'm afraid I've gained some weight but I've continued with my strength workouts.

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